Statement of Purpose

My Little Best Friends Early Learning Center has been established to provide multi-lingual education in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.
We support children in their early developmental stages from infancy through pre-school by providing stimulating learning experiences.
Our goal is to promote a family-like environment.

Statement about Safety

Security is our priority, we have a full security camera system throughout the building and in all classrooms.
The entry to the building is controlled by a buzzer key that is controlled by the receptionist or management team.
There is always someone in the front of the center to control the door.
No child is ever released to an adult without proper authorization and identification.
We have an emergency procedure and it is posted in every classroom and throughout the center.
Every month we do fire drills to ensure the children’s safety and have safety measures in place.

Welcome Families

At My Little Best Friends Early Learning Center we believe your child is a unique individual and that each day in life is an opportunity to cultivate and share new experiences.
Our Center has one of the lowest student to teacher ratios. This provides your child with a warm and nurturing educational experience.
Our signature family environment encourages children to learn.
Our curriculum provides the children an irreplaceable opportunity to learn about the world through each other and through the multiple languages they are exposed to each day.
The diversity of the children proves the authenticity of our culturally based program.

Setting us Apart

We know that selecting a quality education and child care provider is a huge decision for your family and so we try to offer a family environment.
Our bilingual teachers help us communicate with our diverse families. We strive for a high quality education that will give your child a bright start..
We are also a nut and peanut free zone, which means that they are not allowed in the center.
We are not just a daycare, our daily activates, lessons and age approved curriculum is the key to allowing a child to grow, have fun and be prepared for preschool and/or kindergarten.
We try to help each child learn and develop into their true potential, at their own pace. Building a strong foundation with parents and developing goals for their children is a must!
Our curriculum includes an introduction to:
Socio-Emotional Development, Math, Language, Sign Language, Spanish, Mandarin, Creative Development, Physical Development, Science, Arts, and Music.