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My Little Best Friends Early Learning Center has been established to provide multilingual education in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.

My Little Best Friends

We will support children in their early developmental stages from infancy through Pre-Kindergarten by providing stimulating learning experiences. Our goal is to promote a family-like environment.



At My Little Best Friends Early Learning Center we believe your child is a unique individual and that each day in life is an opportunity to cultivate and share new experiences.

My Little Best Friends My Little Best Friends has the lowest student-reacher ratios. This will help to give your child a warm and nurturing educational experience.

My Little Best Friends The family environment that encourages children to learn.

Our curriculums give the children an irreplaceable opportunity to learn about the world through each other and through the multiculturalism.
The diversity of the children enrolled at My Little Best Friends, proves the authenticity of our culturally based program.


About our teacher

We know that you want the very best for your child. We can provide a safe, loving, fun, nurturing and educational environment.

My Little Best Friends

The future of your child's education is very important to us. We believe that with our unique educational service, your child will obtain an experience in life that will be worth a life time.
To our challenging curriculum is enhanced by art, reading, writing, science, and math, music, physical education, Spanish, Mandarin and ASL